Free Dog housetraining tip

Here is a quick housetraining tip that might make your life much happier!

Having housetraining regressions with a dog that was previously housetrained?

You probably stopped rewarding for going potty in the correct location a long time ago. If you do three easy things, this usually solves most of the housetraining regressions.

  1. Manage your dog better so he is not alone in areas that he is having accidents, or even go back to using a crate.
  2. Reward him big time for going potty in the correct location.
  3. Rule out a bladder infection. Signs include having to urinate many times during the day and looking like he has to go but nothing actually materializing.

A well-timed slice of dried chicken or other yummy treat can often solve the problem and motivate your pooch to go potty in the correct location.

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