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Train your dog to come when called with examples of how to help him get it right. You don't need to be perfect immediately, but you do need to follow some simple guidelines. 

Repetition is Key

Even if you provide full help, such as gently pulling the leash or tapping the ground, your dog will eventually learn. It takes literally thousdands of repetitions before your dog can learn a behavior fluently. But, you also need to be aware that each new location comes with its own set of distractions including smells, noises and visuals that can make it more difficult. 

Use a Distraction as a Reward

As mentioned above, distractions can be frustrating, but you can do it! If your dog is disracted by something, move him away from the distraction, or take it away from him (if it is a toy). Then, ask him to come to you and then give him the toy back. This is an easy way to use a distraction as a reward and then motivate your dog to listen to you more. 

If the distraction is a location such as the entrance to a dog park, move away from the park, ask your dog to come, provide as much help as needed and then move closer to the entrance. Wait for even a little bit of movement towards you and then allow your dog to go into the park as a reward. 

Other Videos Can Help

Look for more dog training videos focusing on Come, but you can also watch my dog training leash walking videos for more ideas. Leash walking is moving with you, and come is coming to you, but the principles are the same. How do you get your dog to do something when YOU want? Keep working and focus on providing help and motivating your dog by using AMAZING rewards. You can do it!

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Dog Training Come When Called - More Examples
Basic Dog Training - Come When Called

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Jeff Millman on Friday, 05 October 2012 13:26

Thanks for the info Jeff x

Thanks for the info Jeff x
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