Dog Training Come When Called - More Examples


More examples of how to use helpers to train your dog to come when called. Baby steps!

Small Successes Add Up

If you have seen my other How to Train Your Dog To Come Videos you have already seen the importance of using helpers. This video continues with more examples of how the small details add up. Notice Roxy (the Yorkie) takes itsy bitsy steps towards me. Based on where she started, that is progress!

It is key to practice daily, remember the key points for training your dog to come and make progress daily. 

Come When Called Basics

Here are the important basics in case you missed it in my previous post. 

  1. Say the cue ONCE, and make it happen. Don't repeat cues. This is often a hard thing to do, but an important strategy.
  2. Don't give a punishment or perceived punishment. Hopefully it is obvious not to yell at your dog after he comes to you, but what about more subtle things that he doesn't like? I would NEVER call a dog and clip his nails, give him a bath, or anything else that he doesn't LOVE. You should only call your dog and give him GREAT things. If you need to clip his nails, go get him, bring him to you, and clip his nails. But, don't call him.
  3. Don't always end the fun with "Come". If your dog is in the backyard, and you call him and bring him inside and then he is bored, the next time you call him he might play the chase game instead. (More fun!) When you want to bring him inside at noon, for instance, start working with him at 11:50am. Call him, bring him inside (use a leash and gentle pressure, if necessary) and give him AMAZING treats and then let him out again to play. What? I get treats AND I get to go play again? Of course I will come when you call!!

Not An Easy Task

Ask a squirrel that you see on a walk to "Come!" Does he do it? I doubt it. What makes a dog do this? It involves teaching him what the cue means and motivating him to do it. This takes time and patience. Don't get frustrated, but pay attention to your helpers and rewards. 

You can do it!

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Dog Training Come When Called - Remove Help
Dog Training Come When Called - More Help

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Jeff Millman on Friday, 05 October 2012 13:15

Brill video Jeff! x

Brill video Jeff! x
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