Train your dog to walk away if the leash is tight
It is important that your dog understands that if the leash is tight he should walk the other direction, or "walk away". This video shows simple steps to make this happen. 

Teach Your Dog To Walk Towards You

It is very useful if a dog understands then when he feels a tight leash he should walk towards the person holding the leash. Tight leashes can happen when:

So, the video will show you how to start the process to train your dog to come towards a tight leash. Check it out:

Using a Helper to Aid Your Dog

I use the concept of "helpers" to explain what to do if your dog doesn't do something that you want him to do. If you walk away from your dog, the leash becomes tight, and he doesn't walk towards you, then you can kneel down as shown in the video to assist your dog with this. As you do more training, you won't have to provide this extra help. 

When to Say the Command

Don't say the command, "Let's Go" until your dog is reliably doing the behavior. It is advisable to "shape" behaviors, or mark the correct behavior, until it is reliable. Then, you can name the behavior by inserting a command right before the behavior. This is explained more in other videos. For now, just work on shaping the behavior without the command. 

More Enthusiasm, Less Treats

As your dog progresses, work on getting more distance in between treats. This is easily accomplished by using your voice to give encouragement in between treats. Watch the video for an example of this. 

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