Dog Leash Walking - Let's Go

Leash Walking Lets Go

Train your dog the meaning of the command "Let's Go". This is one of the basic principles needed to work on leash walking so your dog doesn't pull. 

Shape Behaviors First

You will see this in all of my videos. This is the process of molding your dog's behaviors by simply rewarding behaviors that you like. You just wait until your dog does something that you like, and 'click' and treat. You can also say, "Yes" if you don't have a clicker. Need a clicker? You can buy dog training clickers here

When to Say the Cue or Command

I like the sound of "Cue" vs. "Command" a bit better, but they are the same thing. It is verbal or visual signal to your dog that you want him to do something. You should only present the cue once you are sure that you can get the behavior. 

In this case, I know that Dublin is ready for the cue, "Let's Go" because he is reliably walking next to me. 

Pausing After the Cue is Important

What if you were driving down the street at 50mph and someone said "Turn left!" right while you are next to the road? Would you be able to do it? You need a little head's up, right? That is true with dogs as well. If you say a cue and then provide help, such as a gentle tug, or tapping your leg at the same time as the cue, that can be confusing. Your dog might never hear the cue or learn it. 

Say the cue, "Let's Go", pause for a second and then gently start walking. It makes a difference. 

Using Toys or Treats to Initiate Movement

Some dogs are motivated by toys or treats during this exercise. Note in the video how I toss a toy in front of me when Dublin appears by my side. If you say, "Let's Go" and then something AMAZING happens when your dog appears by your side, he is more likely to do that.

Tossing a toy or treat in front of you can help reinforce the fact that you want your dog to move when he hears the cue.

Off Leash Strategies for Leash Walking

Working off leash in a safe area is a great way to increase your dog's motivate to walk by your side without relying on the leash to remind him. Simply walk around, and when your dog appears by your side, 'click' and treat! It works. 

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