Stop Dog Counter Surfing

Learn easy and humane strategies to train your dog to stop counter or table surfing. Simple, easy to follow instructions. 

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Five ways of using positive reinforcement to train a dog

I categorize these as "positive reinforcement" even though technically this describes some uses of negative reinforcement. I am discussing humane techniques as "positive reinforcement."

There are five ways of using positive reinforcement to train a dog to do behaviors.

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Is your dog demanding or destructive? Shape the absence of the behavior.

Destructive behaviors such as chewing on furniture or digging in the backyard are one form of inappropriate behavior. Demand behaviors are also inappropriate and are another way of describing a dog that is asking for something in a way that is deemed inappropriate. Examples include jumping for attention, play nipping for attention, barking for you to throw the tennis ball, or barking to get let out of the crate.

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Can't keep your dog away from the holiday decorations?

Does your dog love your Christmas tree or other holiday decorations? If there is any chance of chewing or destruction, it is a great idea to work on Perimeter Training. You can teach your dog to stay away from a location, or do not go past a specific perimeter.

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