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Dog Leash Walking - Be More Interesting

Dog Leash Walking - Be More Interesting

    A quick video to show you some of the basic, often overlooked strategies for successful leash walking.    
Stop Dog Counter Surfing

Stop Dog Counter Surfing

  Learn easy and humane strategies to train your dog to stop counter or table surfing. Simple, easy to follow instructions.   

No choke chain? Get out of puppy class!

The woman asked if I knew a local trainer that trained at a fairly new store not far from our neighborhood. I had not heard of him, and asked why. She had said that her puppy was kicked out of class and wanted my opinion about what happened. She...

Dog Leash Pulling Strategies - Stay Close to Home

Stop Leash Pulling - Stay Close to Home This is a simple, but often overlooked strategy when working on leash walking strategies. Dogs pull towards . . . anything that they are interested in. If you stay close to home, your dog will get used to (or...

Leash Training - Work Inside With Your Dog First

Stop Leash Pulling Leash pulling is a big problem with dogs. To avoid frustration for you and your dog, you should start working inside with your dog on leash. Control the distractions by putting one distraction on your floor. You can use a treat,...

Dog Training Come When Called - Remove Help

Dog Training Come When Called Troubleshooting It might be helpful to see what I do when a dog doesn't come when I call. You can see Ellie ignoring my command. Notice I do not say "Come" again, but instead use my backup plan. In this case I put her...

Dog Training Come When Called - More Examples

Small Successes Add Up If you have seen my other How to Train Your Dog To Come Videos you have already seen the importance of using helpers. This video continues with more examples of how the small details add up. Notice Roxy (the Yorkie) takes...

Dog Training Come When Called - More Help

Repetition is Key Even if you provide full help, such as gently pulling the leash or tapping the ground, your dog will eventually learn. It takes literally thousdands of repetitions before your dog can learn a behavior fluently. But, you also need...

Basic Dog Training - Come When Called

Come When Called Basics Not mentioned in the video, but very important are some simple steps to make it easier to train your dog to come when you call.  Say the cue ONCE, and make it happen. Don't repeat cues. This is often a hard thing to do, but...

Jeff's Other Dog Training Posts

How to train your dog not to jump on guests

How to Train Your Dog to Stop Jumping on Your Guests Make sure you watch my other jumping videos to learn many strategies for this problem. This is a really simple concept that just simply needs to be executed properly. You need to remember that...

Dog jumping problem? Teach patience.

Train Your Dog Not To Jump There are two important elements to training this behavior. Teaching the initial concept of, "jumping does NOT get you things" and also teaching not to jump for an extended period of time. Most people would agree that a...

How to train a dog not to jump on people when on a walk

These are easy tips to use when you and your dog are outside. I recommend watching the video, and then reading the dog training tips below. Look for other dog jumping videos to help with other scenarios.  Dog Training Tips When Walking Clients...

Jumping prevention - train your dog not to jump by using a leash

This is a simple strategy to incorporate into your daily routine to prevent your dog from jumping. Use this in conjunction with other positive reinforcement strategies.  Watch the video and read the short post for more explanation.  Change the...

Dog training rules of tug - drop

It is also important that your dog remains calm around toys and is composed even when playing tug. If you play tug with your dog, make sure he is able to drop things on cue whenever you ask. The Concept of "Helper" I use the term Helper to identify any...

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Watch and Train, LLC was founded by Jeff Millman, one of the most well-known dog trainers in Chicago. Jeff also runs Chicago Paws, LLC a very successful private dog training business.

Jeff graduated with honors in 2002 from Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers in San Francisco, California. The Academy attracted students from around the globe in its 10-year existence. Jean is now on to other ventures in the dog training world. Visit her new Academy for Dog Trainers