Dog training come when called - how to remove help. More advanced strategy to remove the helpers that you used in the previous examples. 

Dog Training Come When Called Troubleshooting

It might be helpful to see what I do when a dog doesn't come when I call. You can see Ellie ignoring my command. Notice I do not say "Come" again, but instead use my backup plan. In this case I put her on leash and continue working. 

Make sure you pay attention to the rules of Come When Called. In case you missed them, you should read them in my previous post: Basic Dog Training Come When Called

When to Add Help

My recommendation is to add help if your dog doesn't respond to your cue within 2 seconds. However, if this is typical you need to either be prepared with your helper, or stop saying the cue and shape the behavior instead. Learn about dog training shaping

Pausing is Key

As mentioned in other videos, it is important to pause after saying the cue (or command) before providing the help. Help in this video shows tapping my leg, gently pulling on the leash, kneeling down or running the other way. If you say the cue and provide the help at the same time, your dog might not learn the cue. 

Apply These Tips to Other Dog Training Situations

You can use these tips in all situations where your dog is distracted. If your dog is at the dog park and is distracted, put him on leash and move away from the other dogs, or even exit the park. Work on these strategies and when he performs the behavior, reward him by allowing him to go back in the park. 

Just remember to be consistent, clear in your instructions, and don't get frustrated. 

You can do it!

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